The theme of morning walk was worship. The meaning of the word worship is “to bow down.” This is the first word in which the subjective ~ conscious spiritual awareness comes into contact with the objective world of illusion.

In a co-creative reality, the function of worship is to bow down to Divine mystery and to experience that Divine mystery in creating a Divine reality in the external world. Divine reality (as opposed to illusion) is worship. What we bow down to in our everyday world as we move about in the external realm will determine how we are interacting and existing with other human beings we encounter on an everyday basis.

All of life is to be worshiped. The manner in which that worship takes place will be determined by the internal spiritual consciousness of the individual actor acting upon the external stage of either delusional or spiritual reality.

Since there is no future or past, the cutting edge of the Now is the point of where worship begins and ends in the external world. Reverence for life-all life, not just human life-is true worship.

How we treat one another, how we love, how we understand love to be acted out, how we spend our material goods, how we respect and love those of other and different cultures than our own is worship when done in the field of unfettered love and compassion. The schism between exclusive and inclusive is done away with, so what we have left is the eternal moment of worship. This moment exists in an external world.

Wherever love is not being worshiped, illusion is being demonstrated. If we do not love our brothers and sisters as we love ourselves, if we do not trust our word, our deeds, and acts, we are not in a state of worship.

The state of worship is also a state of “awe”. This is a state in which Divine consciousness is a submersion of the individual ego into the One Reality. When the individual ego is submerged, all reality that is created is acted out on the stage of the external world and the Divine reality is worthy of worship.

The world of illusion gives us many options, and if we are not in tune to the One Reality we are worshipping a false god or gods.

From Journey with a Modern Mystic written by Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D. Read by Jodi Behan.
© Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D.