The themes of these morning walks were truth and righteousness. Truth is a word that has a variety of meanings depending on the  context in which the word is used. There is factual truth (the date of one’s birth). There is scientific proof (the Law of Gravity). There is experiential truth and mystical truth.

For the mystic, truth is not part of factual truth, scientific truth or experiential argument. Rather truth is rooted in mystical experience. The mystic relies on Divine mystery for truth. Mystical truth is a truth that comes from spiritual consciousness and culminates in an awareness of certainty. In the external world, mystical truth is demonstrated in outcomes that are confirmed by the consciousness of the mystic. These outcomes, based in metaphysics, have concrete occurrences. Validation comes from the result.

When a mystic has a consciousness of certainty, the result of this consciousness is a form of effortless manifestation. Therefore, it is the manifestation in the external world that is the basis for the mystic’ s truth. Righteousness has to do with the intention of the mystic and is built on the foundation of Divine mystery itself. Intention is what makes every act a righteous act when that act is rooted in Divine love.

It is the righteousness of Divine love that brings aU things into external existence. The mystic is in tune with the force of certainty and understands that this force is rooted in the internal consciousness of all acts as Divine acts; therefore, all acts are righteous and true. If, from the viewpoint of the external world. the act is not increasing Divine love and compassion, it is not coming from certainty. Rather, it is an outcome of illusion.

From Journey with a Modern Mystic written by Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D. Read by Jodi Behan.
© Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D.