The theme of the early morning walk was surrender. The purpose of surrender is to learn how to be in the Now. Time is an illusion; it is another content of the mind. Mind clutter is an illusion invented to keep us from the experience of “Nada”. Nada is the Spanish word that means “nothing”. The inner conscious state of nothing stops the illusion of time and our awareness is focused in the present, moment by moment.

Everything we call “adversity” in our lives has only one purpose— to teach us to surrender. In the act of surrender, we empty the contents we have invented in our minds. We are Nada. The “One” is, in fact, the “AU”, We are the All in the process of waking up. The various forms of adversity in our lives will continue until we learn the lessons of surrender.

Where do we surrender? We surrender into the All. The All is one. There is no past. There is no future. There is just the eternal Now. We are the eternal Now. With each lesson of surrender, the contents of our mind stuff will empty and our emotional responses will be bridled. We become a clear vessel for the unfettered field of love and compassion to act in the external world.

The more we surrender, the more our mind empties. It is the stuff of the mind that keeps us separate from each other and from the One. The Great Spirit called by many names teaches us to be an empty vessel. Why? The emptier the vessel, the more the light of love can shine. Love reaches out to include all others. The reason most of us cannot reach out to all others is because of the clutter and the emotional stuff that is in the vessel.

All well-known mystics, no matter what their tradition, have experienced the truth of the empty vessel, including Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Moses, Lao Su, Plato and Socrates, as well as more modern-day mystics like Yogananda, Gandhi, Joel Goldsmith, Mother Teresa and many more.

It is a Native American tradition that when you are born, all of the females in the tribe suckle you. The tribe is one vessel. Therefore, you are one and the Great Spirit is one. The symbol of this truth is the circle, the medicine wheel, and the passing of the pipe. The One Spirit is called upon so that the tribe can gain wisdom and protection.

From Journey with a Modern Mystic written by Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D. Read by Jodi Behan.
© Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D.