The theme of the walk was spiritual mystery. For some, the spiritual journey of understanding requires scientific method to answer the question “What is truth?”

The scientific method is limited in its assumption that theories can be verified solely by a rigorous empirical approach to understanding truth. This type of understanding is a systematic approach governed by the five senses that are common and obvious in all human beings. It is through sense knowledge, which can be observed and measured, tested, and then replicated that theories move to facts.

Facts are facts of the physical world. Any experiential attempt at proving the experiential world is not possible because the experience is subjective, and therefore cannot he proven using the scientific method. If it cannot be
proven using the scientific method then it is simply conjecture.

This method is obviously a very good method for the material world. However, when the scientific method becomes “positivistic” (certain things can positively be know and certain other things can positively not be known), it turns into dogma and begins to claim truth through all other realms of human experience.

For the mystic, the realm of truth has an external verification. That external verification comes by way of synchronicity. Synchronistic events occur in the objective world. For example, you may be thinking about a friend that you have not seen in many years and in a very short period of time you run into that person. Then you remember that you were just thinking about that person an hour ago. These forms of synchronicities are being birthed by the energies that focused consciousness is able to produce.

These events of synchronicity are quite common to the mystic. The more focused our conscious awareness, the more synchronicities will occur in the external world. As our spiritual consciousness deepens and expands, so does the frequency of synchronicity. What is of interest is how spiritual consciousness increases in power to bring about synchronistic events.

The mystic discoverers that the practice of meditation and other disciplines used to deepen inner silence and expand spiritual consciousness bring things and events into manifestation. Exactly how or why is a mystery. Most mystics understand this power as Divine mystery and are able to just embrace it as such.

The mystic is not focusing on finding an objective scientific understanding of what is occurring. They do not need to use any scientific methodology. Understanding is based on mystical experiences. For the mystic, that is proof enough.

Those of ordinary consciousness speak of miracles. Events that cannot be explained are miraculous. These events, when seen through the eyes of a mystic, are Divine mystery produced from the field of unfettered love and compassion. Through the active practices of the mystic, who is interacting with the Divine field, manifestations in the physical world occur. The mystic embraces the mystery and does not spend time trying to objectively analyze through some scientific procedure how all of this is coming about.

The way we treat “mystery” is a cultural phenomenon. Native Americans and other groups affirmed mystery and embraced it as part of their experience of living.

The mystical journey is a journey into realms of spiritual awareness that  do not rely on an explanation of mystery. The mystery is embraced as proof of the mystical experience. Without divine mystery, there would be no purpose in the mystical journey. The mystical journey has many different phases as the spiritual consciousness expands.

Why some people are more mystical than others is again a part of the mystery. One can either deny the mystical experience as real or treat the mystical experience as a methodology. The methodology is a divine message of confirmation for spiritual consciousness and the expansion of that consciousness. With expanded and deepened spiritual consciousness, certain powers are part of the process.

Divine mystery is as much of a methodology of confirmation for the mystic as is synchronicity. Synchronicity and divine mystery are as much processes of confirmation for a mystic as scientific confirmation of a theory through the scientific method is an empirical methodology for the scientist.

Whereas scientific epistemology deals with the physical realm, mystical epistemology deals in the spiritual realm. In addition, the mystical method is symbolic, mythological, and metaphorical. Symbolic and mythological metaphors help to explain the unexplainable. The manner in which the mystic expresses these experiences deals with the inner spiritual consciousness of the mystic. The results are objectified in the external world through synchronicity, wisdom and Divine mystery as an objective external experience. Mystery seeks answers because it is first encountered in the external world.


From Journey with a Modern Mystic written by Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D.
Read by Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D.
© Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D.