The theme of the morning walk was an amplification of the word silence. Silence is the spiritual principle central to an understanding of the expansion of awareness. The goal of the seeker who wishes to quiet the mind is to turn to the internal state as opposed to an external state. It is in the internal state of spiritual consciousness where silence resides. It is a place where the seeker can listen to the deep inner silence of consciousness.

It is in this deep meditative state the Divine mystery can fully be understood. Listening to the deep inner silence allows the Divine consciousness to merge with the limited consciousness of the seeker. The goal is to merge limited consciousness with the infinite field of unfettered love and compassion. In this merger, clarity is fully developed and the power of intuitive awareness is developed.

The intuitive awareness is, in many ways, a resemblance of the Divine characteristic of omnipresence. Mystics, sages, seers, shamans, medicine men and women of all organized religious bodies have produced spiritually conscious people who demonstrated. omnipresent power.

A spiritually conscious person seeks to put into practice what is understood from the deep silence and intuitive awareness. The intuitive awareness is limitless. It is infinite. From it, various enhanced powers are developed; healing, heightened sensitivity to energies, and pre-cognitive knowledge to name only a few.