The theme of the walk was Savior. The root word for Savior is the same root we use for a healing ointment and is the notion of being liberated or saved from certain wounding events and circumstances that exist in the external world.

Throughout the history of man’s conscious development, there has been a need to invent external forces to explain events occurring in the everyday world. Humankind’s basic emotion is fear and fear is overcome in various ways. One predominant way to overcome fear is through explanation.

Many societies, as they developed, used the rational approach to understanding the mysteries of the world around them. For other cultures, mysteries are not to be objectified and studied. Rather, they are to be incorporated as part of the experience of being alive and getting along with those mysterious actions around them in their everyday lives.

“Savior” took on the aspects of a personality, and in the Western world especially, there were a number of gods who became “Savior” . This notion of Savior is a notion that is directed to the external world. When the various laws for societies evolved, the laws became a sacred form of “savior.” The laws themselves became sacred. This is especially true for two religions that developed from Judaism-Christianity and Islam. Other religions also relied on various forms of moral principles or moral action as a way of following what the God or gods wanted them to do. There were, of course, forms of punishment that were also attached to these laws. Depending upon the culture, punishments were spelled out for the various offenses a person would commit in the external world.

When consciousness evolved to the level of knowing that perfection was an impossibility, then religious organizations needed a system that would answer their inability to follow the mandates laid down by these various law or laws, acts or actions. We needed a savior.

Spiritual consciousness does away with the personification of Savior. Savior is an internal state of awareness. The internal state of spiritual consciousness holds to the principle that there is no future or past, only the Now. Spiritual awareness claims eternality is occurring in the Now moment. Therefore, the spiritual principle of what one’s wholeness is just as there is divine mystery, there is also a need to be “whole” and in a state of”Oneness”.

The illusion is the perception that the external world governs who and what we are. Various religious systems are built around this illusion. These religious systems have various mandates to be followed. If these various doctrinal mandates are followed, then one has a reward in a future state.

The principle of spiritual consciousness would claim that the split between the external world and the internal consciousness is what is needed in tenns of being saved. Therefore, “The Savior” is the spiritual awareness of the split and remembering a whole state of divine consciousness that is a non-dual awareness, alive in the Now.

From Journey with a Modern Mystic written by Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D. Read by Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton, Ph.D. © Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D.