The theme of the morning walk was the world praise. Praise means to place a worth on. The term is generally used in context with the external world. This is especially true in religion. We give praise to God who has blessed us. The linear human mind, being mainly an external creating reality machine, uses praise in many formats. When a person’s personal prayer is answered, God is praised for that answer. It’s as if they have a special external “big ear in the sky” that listens and responds. When the big ear does not respond and things do meet the expectations of those offering the prayer, the religious of all varieties fall back on a notion that it wasn’t “God’s will”, it wasn’t ‘”meant to be” and so on. For the mystic, praise is not a matter of addressing an external big ear in the sky. The consciousness of the mystic is eternally mindful of Divine mystery. Praise is not in the verbalization of specific petitions of prayer. In deepening awareness. a mystic is in touch with the great principles that govern the universe. In that state. Divine mystery brings to the mystic an awareness of the profundity of the depths of unfettered love and compassion.

Praise is always a subjective posturing for the mystic. It is never an external lifting up or setting some worth upon. The worth is in the subjective spiritual consciousness that expands as that consciousness grasps more and more of the deeper mysteries. When a person reaches deep levels of awareness. praying and praise cease to be a form of personalized petitioning to some external deity. The mystic know one does not need to appease some God or gods.

Once we fully understand that we are co-creator of reality on the planet and that we live in a participatory universe, we all become as the mystic and we understand the power of that position. It is an internal spiritual awareness and an external creation. As human beings, we have co-created a world in which religion has turned into madness.

Those who are pulled to an external deity who lives somewhere in the universe listening, manipulating and answering are those who take us into war and other destructive activities. They name it as some Divine thing. This process is destroying the planet on which we live. It becomes the duty of the mystic to call us to task. We must give up our religion, or we will perish.

The Divine mystery is a spiritual ministry. It is a spiritual understanding of the universe. not a religion. As co~creators , we are thankful and we seek for others to experience the Divine field of love and compassion. This experience brings us to a deeper spiritual awareness for all of humanity to understand the profound responsibility in this knowing.

From Journey with a Modern Mystic written by Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D. Read by Jodi Behan.
© Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D.