The theme of the morning walk was two words-now and expansion. The word “Now” means “no time intervening”. The word expansion means “the act of increasing in size or volume”.

Because we live in the illusion of the external world, and we have been socialized in cultures that developed human consciousness from a linear perspective. we had a need to invent past, present and future. Western religious systems (mainly those that were a creation of Judaism, Christianity and Islam) were linear-thinking religions and also had a need for past. present and future. There are many cultures that do not think in a linear fashion, such as the Hopi Indians and Hindis.

Our language is a development of our culture. Our culture teaches us how to think. The externalization of the world placed in a linear model creates a need for the invention of time. It was Einstein, however, who brought us to the realization that time was a relative; it is best defined as space-time. Space.time is best modeled after the word “expansion”. Expansion is an act of increasing and has nothing to do with linear time.

Modem cosmological physicists who discuss the quantum world do not use the notion of a linear time. There are theories that attempt to explain the creation of the Universe. The most dominant theory is known as The Big Bang Theory. At some point. there was an expansion. This expansion became known as space-time.

Those whose spiritual consciousness have come to grips with this enigma have concluded there is only one phenomenon in the internal world. That phenomenon is called Now. We exist in the Now-there is no time intervention. The illusion is that we had a past or that we came from the past, and that we have a future. In addition, we will move to the future. This illusion of linear time keeps us from internalizing and expanding our spiritual awareness.

Spiritual awareness would claim that the Now is what produces growth in the spiritually aware human being.

When we are able to overcome the illusion of linear time, our acts are now and the consequences of our acts are now. Therefore, there is no past. Sin is a now act; there is no future. ( refer to sin from the Christian notion of missing the mark or the Judaic notion of not keeping the law. In the Islamic tradition, sin means not following the mandates of the Koran. All organized religions of the West and many organized religions of the East have not come to grips with linear time.

When spiritual consciousness expands, it expands in the Now. Therefore, the purpose of life is to awaken to the Now. Now is an eternity. Love is activated in the Now. Now is love of neighbor and compassion without judgment. as well as all the other spiritual qualities.


From Journey with a Modern Mystic written by Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D.
Read by Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D.
© Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D.