While on my walk to the site and my during my time in the labyrinth, I focused on the spiritual value of kindness. This led to a deeper understanding of the nature of energy.

Energy is the Universe and it manifests as the world we know. It is talked about and expressed in many ways. Basically. there are four ways that energy is actively bringing about existence. The experiences we encounter are three in nature; the physical energy, a symbolic energy and the spiritual energy. The fourth type is the energy of the subatomic world.

Physical energy involves any action that requires the physical world to operate, including the physical actions of the human being. For example, physical action is involved in weather systems. We know that physical energy has different strengths.

At the human level. energy is either strong or weak and has the capacity to dissipate. Our energy is Jess and less because we age. The organs are not functioning as well as they once did. And we experience a loss of physical energy.

At the symbolic level, energy again comes in various forms. Money, for example, is energy. The amount of symbolic energy represented in money is represented in various denominations we have. One dollar will buy a small amount. A hundred dollars will buy you a hundred times more than a dollar. Money, as a symbolic representation of energy, is represented in the material goods we buy or in services that are rendered. Spiritual energy is also manifested in many forms. Spiritual energy is called by different names depending upon the religion and the doctrines of that religion. For the Christian, spiritual energy is called Holy Spirit. For the Hindus, it is called Kundalini. The Taoists have named spiritual energy Chi.

Kindness is a form of spiritual energy. It differs from politeness. Politeness is a creation of culture and comes in many forms. In many parts of the Eastern world, after one has eaten a good dinner, it is polite to either belch or pass air as an expression of politeness. We can read and study cross-cultural modes of behavior to see just how varied politeness really is in other cultures.

Spiritual kindness is universaL It is an act of divine love given to others by those who are spiritually aware. When kindness is given there are no expectations. In Western culture, though, it is not uncommon for an act of kindness to be performed with an expectation of some type of response. Normally, most people will acknowledge an act of kindness directed to them. However, there are times when an act of kindness toward another person is not recognized or appreciated. The giver of the kindness feels hurt, angry or has some other emotional response. If they are not spiritually aware, people will feel slighted or unappreciated and judge the recipient of their kindness as rude.

An act of kindness, when it is done with some kind of expectation, is nothing more than being polite. When an act of kindness is given from spiritual awareness, the energy of the act is different. Spiritually aware energy is an energy that is coming from the heart space and is not coming from what is learned through one’s culture.

There are other types of actions we express towards each other. Each of these types of actions has energy. When energy is Divine, its quality is always different. This is how we can recognize the depth of another person’s spiritual awareness.

From Journey with a Modern Mystic written by Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D. Read by Jodi Behan. © Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D.