The theme of the morning walk was growth. Growth is defined as “an increase or expansion”. For the mystic, the internal spiritual principles of awareness are the expanding potential of the Divine mystery. They work as a dynamic expression in the conscious awareness of the mystic. For the human being who also may be a mystic, the Divine mystery is a field for the mode of being with the potential of being the Divine Being who’s consciousness acts as absolute certainty.

Consciousness is expansive as it grasps for a doubling hack of awareness to answer questions that are driven by freedom, honesty, love and compassion and moves as a dialogue. In this process, the Divine mystery is a field characterized by unfettered love and unfettered compassion. As individual consciousness expands, the individual field of awareness that creates honest dialogue and growth expands within the Divine mystery. As consciousness expands, so does the dialogue for honesty and truth. This dialogue is a dynamic process and the two continue to emerge as one as the process moves.

Reality moves from inner spiritual awareness to the external field and is manifested from the spiritual awareness of the internal consciousness. It is not two separate actions, but one act. Through the spiritual consciousness of the mystic. the world and the mystic’s consciousness exist as Divine reality. resonating as a field of unfettered love and compassion; creation and creator simultaneously moving as one.

The external field of Divine reality is broken into illusion when consciousness that is not rooted in Divine mystery creates negatives as forms of control. “THOU SHALT NOT”. “NO” or any other created negatives create the illusion of external control. The purpose of the negative is to quiet the growing consciousness’ questioning, freedom and courage.

All external negatives are a creation solely for the survival of the individual relying on external authority for safety and security. This illusion throws consciousness into the external world and replaces love with false expectations of protection. Fear and survival are external replacements for the internal heart of unfettered love and unfettered compassion.

The forms that fear and survival take depend on the enculturation process. They are nothing hut expressions of socialization and culture. All external systems of ethics that are formulated around forms basic to fear and survival are all relative in nature. Once these external controls are acculturated into the body of the community, and then into the society as a whole, growth of Divine consciousness is halted or slowed. Illusion replaces the internal Divine mystery as reality and looks to the external world for protection. “So within, so without” becomes “so without so within” and the Creator and the created become separated into two different processes.

Growth is the expanding of consciousness that merges within Divine mystery and increases spiritual awareness. This increase is not some form of transcendental move to some external form. The spiritual awareness of the mystic is anti-hubris at its roots, because a mystic experiences the finite within the infinite. As the created and the Creator emerge, the dialogue is always fin ite, becoming aware of infinite, always knowing that a finite consciousness can never be infinite.

Therefore, Divine mystery can never be completely known. We can be only a junior partner and co-creator, never THE CREATOR. The symbol of Yin and Yang contained within the circle Tao is a representation of the Divine mystery. There is no hierarchy, only conscious spiritual expansion. The Divine mystery is a field of unfettered love and unfettered compassion as an open potential for co-creative interaction and dialogue.

From Journey with a Modern Mystic written by Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D. Read by Jodi Behan.
© Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D.