The theme of the morning walk was gratis. The term gratis is very close to the meaning of the term grace as “something without charge or recompense”. The spiritual principle of gratis is an internal conscious awareness that gratis is a strand that is fundamental to the operation of Divine mystery.

The awareness of this principle comes at a point in time when a human being reaches a state of emptiness/nothingness. The Divine response to the state of nothingness separates the mystic from the nihilist, who seeks to prove that nothing has real existence. The mystic’s drive to question everything and to find honesty is fulfilled in the mystical experience. It is wrapped in the Divine mystery as a freedom given without charge and comes as a hunger for truth and to become one with [1. This awareness brings the capacity to double back upon itself; that is, the drive to question is used to question Itself without fetters. And the mystic discovers the agape that fills the “nothingness”, and is the basis for the Divine in human awareness. This experience of agape is unfettered love and compassion, and is the basis for all action in the external world.

The external expression of this discovery is never in concrete form. The drive to question operates through all stages of awareness-in dreams, images, experiences, perceptions, orientations, conceptions, theories, decisions. institutions and actions. And the doubling back to the fundamentals of agape is expressed in themes and myths appearing in culture and societal institutions. Because agape is unfettered and compassionate, it can never be stagnant, judgmental, exclusive, structured, or placed in any system that claims for itself a final answer.

The strands of the Divine mystery, as they are acted out on the external stage, are spiritual principles of Divine consciousness. The mystic comes to the realization that all externals have an internal base – “so within, so without”. The drive to question is also the drive to create.

The first primal question was the question concerning new life. Where did life come from? And where does it go? It was this connection of primitive man that sexual pleasure and the creation of new life were wrapped in a Divine mystery. From this internal awareness, primitive man created external myths, totes, and other forms of symbolic representation of this discovery, and they became the fundamentals of the beginning of religious culture. Fertility religions are the ancient rites of primitive humans and the first organized indication of an external reality that humankind’s expanding consciousness was connected to these rites and institutional myths. This religious content of primitive culture was birthed by external symbols of the Divine mystery and were given by the god or gods. Internal consciousness of Divine mystery created external god or gods characteristics.

For the mystic, all institutional forms of external reality are relative to the culture. The content changes as the Divine mystery drives humankind deeper into the conscious application of a limitless unfettered love and compassion for itself, with all its varieties of culture, believes, symbols, myths, and totes that humankind has organized into the various religions of the world. What is universal are the Divine principles of the Divine mystery, not anyone particular cultural content, at anyone particular time, in anyone particular place.

Answers to questions about the definitions of truth, freedom, and honesty are not found in content. They are a Divine process doubling back upon Itself and are the basis for the expanding of human spiritual awareness. This Divine process doubling back upon Itself is an open-ended dialogue of an expanding reality of Creator and created moving in tandem from inner Divine field to outer forms of expression that are both matter and spirit.


From Journey with a Modern Mystic written by Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D. Read by Jodi Behan.
© Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D.