The theme of the morning walk is grateful. The term grateful has as its common root (from the Old English) ‘that which is free”. When we use the word grateful, we arc referring to something that has occurred outside of us; we are thankful that our family arrived safely, we are i thankful for the house in which we live, we are thankful that we were not killed in a car wreck. “Grateful” and “thankful” are terms that are external. They refer to events that are highly personalized. For many religious people. the tern has a spiritual or religious meaning. We are grateful that God has blessed us with many different fruits from our labors. The words grateful. thankful and religion are all linked to the external world. The external world is the world in which we perceive things as happening to us. for us, or against us. We highly personalize those external events.

For a person with spiritual consciousness. grateful is that which is internal. The grateful state does not personalize. Rather, it is internalized as a state in which one is constantly in no matter what is occurring in the external world. “Great-fullness” is a more accurate way of saying grateful. because it refers to an internal reality. The internal state of gratefulness affirms the quality of events no matter what their form-even adversity. pain and death.

The spiritual awareness of grateful is a constant state of existence in which one is internally aware that the universe and all its external events are not personalized. It is the understanding that each even~ positive and negative. easy and challenging, is a grateful experience. Why? Because grateful is internal. and aU events that occur in the external world are events that are never personalized. Spiritually aware people would never be grateful that everyone in one car lived through a car wreck when everyone in the other car died. And they would never be grateful that they lived and other people died. When the principle of gratefulness is totally grasped, the universe becomes a neutral probabilistic occurring event that is not personalized. The state of gratefulness is the state in which one’s consciousness is no longer personalizing what occurs in the external world.

From Journey with a Modern Mystic written by Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D. Read by Jodi Behan. © Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D.