The theme of the walk during this time in the labyrinth was faith. Faith is an antiquated concept in religion, because it assumes that there are forces outside of human consciousness that can somehow be manipulated or called upon to bring about a personal end. For example, some say “1 have faith that God will bring her back,” or “We all had faith in God so He would rescue us:’ or “Without faith in God, we would have never survived.” It is thought that one’s faith saves them from natural disasters or other calamities. These words speak about magical manipulation by calling upon God or gods for personal ends.

The word faith is also used in a general sense, Le., “What is your faith?” In the Western part of the world, the majority Faith is Christianity. Faith plays a central role in Christianity, Judaism, and the Islamic groups. For those who are spiritually aware, faith in any particular thing or person is a form of primitive thought. Perhaps at one time in the history of human development magic was necessary. For those with spiritual awareness, faith has no value. A spiritually realized person knows the power and certainty of focused. energy. What is necessary does not come by faith, but rather comes by one’s spiritual awareness that all events are never personal. There are, however, personal elements in the power to manifest.

Modem-day mystics have expanded consciousness beyond any form of personalized petitioning of a god or gods. For the mystic, the power is in spiritual awareness and the emptying of personal desire. We refrain from having a position on a certain outcome, yet have the spiritual awareness to manifest outcomes that are in accord with Divine will.

For the mystic, life unfolds moment by moment. It has no future and has no past. There is, therefore, no need to petition, want, know, or question what goes on moment by moment. Living in the moment is total surrender to that moment and all the outcomes that moment brings. All other forms of living are immature. Limited by expectations, faith lacks the power of spiritual awareness.

Living in the moment without expectation, surrendering to what is, and the understanding of the power to bring about what is for one’s highest good are all realizations of spiritual awareness. These realizations come in the silence. They come in mystery and they are based on certainty.


From Journey with a Modern Mystic written by Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D. Read by Jodi Behan. © Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D.