Theme of the walk is the word endurance. The word endurance has many different connotations depending upon the context and the use of the word in various cultures.

Endurance for the mystic, as an internal state of spiritual reality, has nothing to do with racing. training, stamina, or physical strength. Endurance is a spiritual quality that is in the nature of Divine love. Divine love is an eternal quality that sustains the spiritual power and requires that the mystic be rooted in that moment when all reserves are called upon to bring love and compassion to it.

Being in the Now requires endurance that is divine in nature. Human nature is a state that is weakened by ego attachments that act out in the external world. Many external world attachments seem as though they are qualities of endurance. They are not. Why? Because a person has an ego that is characterized by physical strength, mental endurance, physical training, overcoming obstacles and many other traits attached to the ego story.

Many cultures throughout the world portray endurance as a physical characteristic. For the mystic, the external quality being generated from an internal spiritual awareness has nothing to do with human character. It has everything to do with the qualities of Divine love. Divine love endures simply because it is eternal. Divine love, when activated by a human being who also is a mystic, is experienced as a quality that can never be temporal in nature. It is always eternal in nature and, therefore, it never ceases.

From Journey with a Modern Mystic written by Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D. Read by Jodi Behan.
© Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D.