The theme of the first early morning walk was deepening my own inner silence. As J walked the labyrinth, I used a technique I learned at a ~ Buddhist temple to stop and empty the mind. The technique (from Tai Chi) is called “foot rising. foot falling”. This is done in slow motion. The purpose of the discipline is to focus the mind. In time and with continuous practice, the mind will empty and the chatter will stop. Emotions will be bridled and focus will occur.

When you have developed the state of a quiet mind and bridled emotions, a field of inner silence remains. As you practice this state of conscious awareness over a period of time the silence deepens, leading to a greater intensity of focus. Intensity of focus and a deepening awareness leads you to greater awareness of others.

The fundamental experience of the inner silent field is unfettered compassion and unfettered love. It is “deep speaking to deep” without word or action. However. it is through human action that the Divine love field is activated. When our consciousness is compassion and love for others (without judgment) and our intent is coupled with our actions of love and compassion. our awareness expands and the silence deepens. It is loving action that establishes dialogue with the deep.

Therefore, the central purpose for human existence is to deepen silence, increase inner spiritual awareness and be an active expression of unfettered love and compassion. This eternal field of awareness is known by many different names and worshiped by many different cultures.

Today, when I interact with others. I will be spiritually aware that it is necessary to have bridled emotions and empty mind chatter. I can focus on being an experience of love, kindness, and caring in my interactions with all those around me.

From Journey with a Modern Mystic written by Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D. Read by Jodi Behan. © Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D.