The theme of the walk was Co-Creator. External reality is relative to culture. From the standpoint of the external world, all forms of reality reside in that externality. The power of the external transformation of reality is in the culture and in the forms of communication the culture relies on for its reality.

For the mystic. the world is internal. Through our experiences, we learn that we are co-creators with Divine reality. Our Divine consciousness transforms Divine mystery into the external world. Since the external world is relative and is an illusion of the mind, it is the experience of the mystic to transform Divine mystery into a communicative reality.

Co-creation comes through the process of energy transformation. Energy that is highly focused can be transformed into material reality. What the mystic comes in touch with is that Divine power is “energy with a purpose”. The mystic is able to participate and immerse individual internal consciousness into universal consciousness and co-create an external reality.

What the mystic experiences from the internal world and what he or she participates in of the external world do not match the reality of the internal state of Divine energy. In other words, the illusion of external reality is like a game or a play. It has various characters, rules and forms of moves or interactions. The way the game is played and the rules of the game depend on the culture.

All we have to do is examine the organizational structures of the major religions of the world to find this to be true. Organized structural truth is an illusion created by culture. There is no real external world outside of the internal field of Divine consciousness. The Divine consciousness is the force behind all reality. Once the mystic becomes immersed and loses
his/her identity, the fundamental process is to live in the Now. Creation and co-creation are the new reality for the external world.

It becomes obvious to the mystic that their organizational system is out of whack. For mystics, Divine energy becomes the basis of social interaction of love expressing itself in the external world. As we grow into this awareness, we are able to see when love is not being manifested in the external world within religious organizational structures. We then must proclaim that those organizational structures are an illusion and not based upon Divine Reality.

All forms of organized religion are simply playing a cultural game in the external world. This game has now changed into the game of righteous war. The objective of the game is to see how often and in how many different ways we can kill in the name of Love. This makes no sense to the mystic. since his or her internal state is a state in which Divine energy is being transformed at the cutting edge of the Now into acts of love in the external world. When asked why Divine Laws are not being manifest. the mystic is challenged to find ways to bring the world into harmony with the internal and external reality of Divine Love.

Mystics have proclaimed Divine Love throughout the ages. Many mystics were never heard. Those who were heard were silenced. It matters not what organization they came from. When their knowing goes beyond what the culture (external world) can tolerate, their voices are muted. We are now living in a period in which organized religious bodies fail to listen to its mystics. Mystics are claiming the new reality for the external world as a spiritual reality and not a religious reality. It is totally inclusive, not exclusive. It is anti-violent. It is anti-hatred. It is anti-murder. It is anti-war. It is anti~death and gratuitous destruction.  Love transcends all external moral order.


From Journey with a Modern Mystic written by Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D. Read by Jodi Behan. © Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D.