The theme of morning walk was attachment—being firmly fixed or bonded to something. The term attachment has a great deal of meaning for the mystic. The term itself has specific meaning in the three different realms of the word love. Love in the English language has its foundation in context only. There are three main contexts of love. They are Eros. Philos, and Agape.

Eros is the word for love in the arena of physical love. We usually call physical love erotic. It is the sexual love between two people. Sexual love has an emotional content as well as a physical content. It does not necessarily have to have an emotional content, but it always has to have a physical content.

Philos is a type of love between friends. This love has an emotional content. but it does not have a physical content. Philos is the notion of “brotherly love”. Brotherly love has no erotic or physical content. It can, however, be deeply emotional.

Agape is a type of love that is Divine love and exists in all three arenas. It underpins the erotic and the brotherly contexts and enfolds itself upon itself in the divine.

For the mystic to fully be in the Now, one has to let go of attachments in two domains of love. Both the erotic and the brotherly love must be free of attachments. This includes all attachments surrounding family, lovers, things, places, ideas, beliefs, values, and any form of energy that will not free you from the bonds to which you are permanently attached.

Mystics drop attachments in order to increase the space for Divine love to manifest through them into the external world.
Dropping attachments does not mean that the mystic no longer has erotic love and brotherly love in his life. It simply means that the lack of attachments free her from being stuck in emotional and physical energy dynamics. The mystic experiences the full range of human emotional arenas and is able to build or rebuild, but not hold on to, anyone arena.

Energy dynamics are the forces of energy that are placed into the physical, and include all love of places, persons or things. They keep the mystic bound spiritually. Any forms of energy that we are grasping and unwilling to let go of are attachments and they will keep us stuck from growing. These energy dynamics (forces of energy) are found in all three of the domains of human existence-physical, emotional , spiritual. When all attachments are dropped, the states of existence in the internal world are present in the Now. By being in this state of consciousness, Divine love can be fully expressed and manifested in all three domains of human existence in the external world.

From Journey with a Modern Mystic written by Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D. Read by Jodi Behan. © Rev. Dr. David Kenneth Wheaton Ph.D.